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about Murders Minnesota

Clarence (media hype) Harvey at first didn’t know what to make of the blonde 42 year old woman who appeared at the front desk of this town’s solitary police station on the morning of Sept. 18, 1986. Those in the station made aware of the downtown strip joints in nearby St. Paul might have familiar Jerry Ann Sherwood from her earlier tenure at Alary’s Club Bar. Her features were still attractive, although the years had added a certain hardness and fleshiness. She had a story to workout.

documents BY DATE1 Child Drowns, 2nd seriously injured; parents Held

august 27, 1999 From Times Wire credit reports

Amother was incurring in Long Prairie, Minn, With murdering one of her daughters and trying to kill the other by deliberately driving into a lake. Lisa Patchen, 28, Was spotted wet and shivering on the shore of Lake Latimer in northern minnesota on Sunday. Emergency crews found her little ones, Amber johnson, 6, And Allysha wholesale jerseys
manley, 7, Floating other than conscious about 300 yards from where the car was submerged in 5 1/2 feet of water. Amber was pronounced dead a short time later. they buried the body in St. Mary’s Cemetery, And after a juvenile court hearing, Took custody of Dennis’ 5 years old brother Robert. The boys’ adoptive guardians, Lois as Harold Jurgens, Returned to their property on Gardenette Drive, Alone but without any any charge.27 Year Murder suspect Cleared

october 21, 1999 interrelated Press

A man suspected in excess of 27 years in the shooting death of his wife has apparently been exonerated by the confession of his former paper boy, Now serving time for the murder of a student. Gilbert Peppin was not ever charged but was the only suspect in the slaying of his 26 year old wife, Phyllis, Who was shot to death at their apartment on a summer night in 1972. He retained his innocence, Got married again and kept being employed as a barber.

A grand jury has indicted retailer heir Russell T. Lund junior. On two counts of first degree murder in the deaths of his alienated wife and her boyfriend. The Hennepin County indictment Thursday accused the Minnetonka millionaire of shooting Barbara Lund and former Iowa legislator E. Kevin kelly on Aug. 5.

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