Death of ‘Pope Gregory’ could cause infamous Quebec cult to splinter

Curran: Peggy Curran, Postmedia NewsFor 40 decades, Jean Gaston Tremblay known as Pope Gregory XVII and Jean Gregoire de la Trinite was the spiritual leader of the Apostles of Infinite Love, A breakaway Catholic cult serving the area around a “Monastery” Sequestered in the countryside near St. will there be a new pope, And how can we even find out?

For 40 weeks and weeks, Jean Gaston Tremblay often referred to as Pope Gregory XVII and Jean Gregoire de la Trinite was the spiritual leader of the Apostles of Infinite Love, A breakaway Catholic cult operating out of a “Monastery” Sequestered in the countryside near St. Jovite, cual, About 130 km’s northwest of Montreal.

“There’s a big fence around the city, But all this wasn’t clear whether that was to keep prying eyes out, Or to take care of people in, Said Mike Kropveld of info Cult, A Montreal based cult monitoring group which has been keeping tabs on “les Apotres de l’amour infini” for decades.

Tremblay was 83 when he died in a the hospital in Ste. Agathe, cual, On New year’s Eve.

For most of his life, Tremblay had been the objective of police probes, due to allegations of forcible detention, mental, Sexual and physical abuse of kids, unlawful confinement and kidnapping.

One former manhood, Who continued to file a $2.5 million civil suit, Cited abuse to include sexual molestation, Being locked in a closet and beaten with a garden hose to being kept out of school and denied exposure to “the outdoors,

Yet despite intense monitoring, Tremblay spent very small time behind bars. The last criminal charges against him and folks of the sect were dropped in 2001. The Crown said it was unable to go ahead because there were too many issues with evidence about the alleged abuse of seven boys and a girl.

as, Tremblay retired to the planet of the Laurentian compound, Which had been founded in 1962 by his forerunner, Michel Collin,
A defrocked Roman Catholic priest who had ordained very little Pope Clement XV.

Was justice serviced? In an open letter provided for Kropveld, One former member condemns the failure of the federal and Quebec governments in allowing “Totalitarian” Sects accompanied by “Narcissistic” Leaders such as Tremblay to exist in the domain name of religious freedom.

“How could our health systems allow children to be kept totally separate from society, Their parents or guardians, siblings in the name of the
group, He answered. “We couldn’t even complain to our parents because we were only allowed to see our parents a couple of times a year.

“Those who finally to be able to leave the group take years to get over it. Some never conquer it. Some dedicated suicide,

The former member said at least 14 former members of the group receive fee from Quebec as victims of crime a strange twist of logic given that charges against Tremblay and his acolytes were dismissed.

“throughout the years, I have spoken to a bunch of former members, said Rick Ross, Who runs a New jersey based non profit Internet archive that focuses on cults and questionable movements. “The horrible treatment your kids reported was Real NFL Jerseys Wholesale China Cheap Online
torture. The group is actually considered a ‘destructive cult’ based upon its structure, Dynamics and the harm it has done,

Kropveld is curious to see what becomes of what’s left of this closed group now that Tremblay is gone. Numbers had already slipped this heyday in the cheap wholesale jerseys
1970s, When roughly 300 people belonged to the community.

during six weeks, The group has also seen the death of its “Mother clear” Authentic Jerseys Wholesale | Cheap Jerseys Discount Sale from Wholesaler
And her boyfriend, Who were among the first to move to town in the 1960s. “Has the group been able to attract new blood to keep it going, Kropveld questioned.

“It’s not clear whether Tremblay put someone in place to control. if not, There generally splintering between two people vying for control,

Kropveld said people raised inside such a closed community are often conflicted because, at some point they leave, extremely effective only world, Even really the only “pops, understand.

“My guess is quite a few people will be happy to see him die, he explained.

“Given a brief history of this group and the many people hurt by its practices, My hope is that the death of Tremblay is the start of the end for the Apostles of infinite Love,

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